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The "Delayed Grid" Expert Advisor is a sophisticated trading tool designed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the financial markets with a unique approach. This EA operates by employing a grid-based trading strategy, but with a twist. Unlike traditional grid EAs, the "Delayed Grid" takes into account price action before initiating either BUY or SELL orders, allowing for a more selective and conservative trading approach. This feature enables users to specify the number of grid steps to skip before the first trade is executed, thereby reducing the frequency of orders and the total lot size involved in the strategy.

One of the standout features of the "Delayed Grid" EA is its flexibility. Traders can configure the EA to their specific preferences, defining not only the initial grid step but also the take-profit levels and the lots exponent. This level of customization empowers traders to fine-tune their trading strategy to align with their risk tolerance and market expectations.

Perhaps the most striking feature of the "Delayed Grid" EA is its remarkable performance metrics. While many grid-based strategies often suffer from high drawdowns and less-than-favorable profit factors, the "Delayed Grid" defies these norms. It boasts a lower-than-average drawdown, demonstrating a commitment to preserving capital and managing risk effectively. Additionally, it achieves a very good profit factor, indicating that it generates profits consistently relative to its losses.

In summary, the "Delayed Grid" Expert Advisor represents a groundbreaking approach to grid trading that leverages price action to make informed trading decisions. With its user-friendly configuration options, it offers traders an unparalleled level of control over their trading strategy. This EA is an excellent choice for traders who seek both capital preservation and profitability, making it a standout performer in the realm of algorithmic trading.
Magic Number The Magic Number is a unique identifier for the EA's trades. It helps the EA distinguish its own trades from those of other EAs or manual trades. It's essential to have a distinct Magic Number for each instance of the EA running on your trading platform.
Grid Step Grid Step is the predetermined price difference, measured in points, between each successive trade in the grid. It defines the spacing between your orders as the price moves, and it's a critical parameter for controlling your trading strategy's aggressiveness.
Max Orders in Recovery Grid This input determines the maximum number of orders the EA can place in the recovery grid. Once this limit is reached, the EA won't open any additional orders. This is a risk management feature to prevent excessive exposure.
Number of Delayed Steps in Grid Skip Steps indicates the number of grid steps the EA will wait before opening its first trade. This helps the EA assess the market direction and potentially reduce the number of initial trades. A higher value may lead to a more conservative approach.
Initial Take Profit This parameter sets the initial Take Profit level in points for the EA's trades. Take Profit is the price level at which the EA will close a trade with a profit.
Average Take Profit Average Take Profit represents the expected average profit target in points for the EA's trades. It provides a way to balance the profit expectations with risk management.
Breakeven Breakeven is the price difference in points at which the EA will move the stop loss of open trades to the entry price. It's a tool to protect profits by ensuring that a trade doesn't turn into a loss once it has moved in the desired direction.
Risk of Balance If set above 0, this input defines the risk percentage of your account balance that the EA is willing to expose in a single trade. It's a way to manage risk dynamically based on your account's size.
Initial Lots This parameter sets the initial lot size for the EA's first trade. Lot size represents the volume or quantity of the asset you're trading.
Lot Exponent for Next Order Lot Exponent determines how the lot size changes for each subsequent order in the grid. A value of 1 means a fixed lot size, while other values can increase or decrease the lot size exponentially.
Slippage Slippage is the maximum allowable deviation from the intended price at which the EA is willing to execute a trade. It helps manage execution risk in fast-moving markets.
Order Comment Order Comment allows you to add custom comments or labels to the orders placed by the EA. This can be useful for tracking and distinguishing orders when reviewing your trading history.
Anika Verma

• 10/9/2023

Allow for customization of grid patterns, such as triangular grids, in addition to the standard rectangular grids.

Sophia Kwok

• 9/17/2023

將下述的英文美式文本翻譯成繁體中文(香港),如下: 實現一個功能,讓用戶能夠設定特定的交易時間,幫助他們避免波動市場時間段。

Hiroshi Ito

• 7/14/2023


Adam Lee

• 6/27/2023

实施一项功能,允许用户轻松地进行回测不同设置,以找到最优配置。 (Implement a feature that allows users to easily backtest different settings to find the most optimal configuration.)

Lina Braun

• 6/27/2023

Integrieren Sie eine Funktion, die automatisierte Handelsdokumentation und -analyse bietet, um das Lernen aus Handelsentscheidungen zu verbessern.

Nur Aisyah binti Abdullah

• 3/28/2023

Laksanakan pengira nisbah risiko-ganjaran yang memberikan nasihat kepada pengguna mengenai penetapan Tahap Ambil Keuntungan dan Henti Rugi berdasarkan tahap toleransi risiko mereka.

Isla Martin

• 1/29/2023

Create a user-friendly dashboard with real-time visualizations of the grid and trade status for better monitoring and control.

Davi Souza

• 1/18/2023

Considere uma funcionalidade de análise em múltiplos timeframes, permitindo que os usuários incorporem timeframes mais altos e mais baixos em sua estratégia de negociação.

Isabella Van der Merwe

• 12/30/2022

Enable users to export comprehensive trade reports for further analysis outside of the EA.

Manuela Rodrigues

• 10/27/2022

Considere adicionar uma ferramenta de análise de sentimento de notícias para avaliar o sentimento do mercado e ajustar o comportamento de negociação de acordo.

Justin Cheung

• 9/19/2022


Sofia Weber

• 8/19/2022

Implementieren Sie ein integriertes Warnsystem, das Benutzer über wichtige Ereignisse informiert, wie das Erreichen der Höchstanzahl an Bestellungen im Raster oder signifikante Preisbewegungen.

Isabella Almeida

• 8/2/2022

Explore opções para negociação multi-par, permitindo que os usuários diversifiquem suas carteiras com uma única instância do EA.

Ji-yeon Lee

• 5/4/2022

"Delayed Grid" 사용자들을 위한 커뮤니티 포럼이나 플랫폼을 소개하여 전략과 통찰력을 공유하고 협업 환경을 육성합니다.

Aisha Al-Hashemi

• 11/30/2021

إضافة خيار توقف متحرك يمكن أن يعزز عملية جني الأرباح عن طريق السماح للصفقات بالاستفادة من حركات أسعار أكثر أهمية.

Gabriel Martin

• 10/21/2021

Considérez l'ajout d'une fonctionnalité pour adapter automatiquement la taille du pas de grille en fonction de la volatilité du marché afin d'optimiser la fréquence des transactions.

Lara Fischer

• 11/26/2020

Erkunden Sie die Kompatibilität mit verschiedenen Handelsplattformen, um eine breitere Benutzerbasis zu erreichen.

Liam Mkhize

• 3/17/2020

Integrating machine learning or AI algorithms to enhance the EA's decision-making capabilities in varying market conditions could be beneficial.

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