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The "Classic Grid" Expert Advisor is a versatile and sophisticated trading tool designed to help traders navigate the dynamic world of the financial markets. This EA employs a classic grid trading strategy that capitalizes on market fluctuations by executing BUY or SELL orders, depending on the prevailing price action. Grid trading is a time-tested approach that aims to take advantage of price swings within a predefined range, and "Classic Grid" executes this strategy with precision.

One of the standout features of the "Classic Grid" EA is its flexibility. Users have the freedom to configure the maximum number of grid levels and lot exponent, allowing for customization that suits their risk tolerance and trading preferences. This adaptability is particularly valuable in ever-changing market conditions, where traders need the ability to fine-tune their strategies.

Risk management is a top priority for "Classic Grid." Traders can set stop loss and take profit levels in pips, helping to minimize potential losses and lock in profits at predetermined points. This feature empowers users with the control and discipline needed for successful trading.

While no trading system is without risk, "Classic Grid" is designed to maintain an average drawdown that is manageable for most traders, striking a balance between risk and reward. Additionally, it boasts a not bad profit factor, indicating that it has the potential to generate profitable trades over time. This combination of risk management and profit potential positions "Classic Grid" as a reliable tool in the arsenal of traders looking to navigate the financial markets with confidence and precision.
Magic Number This is a unique identifier for the "Classic Grid" Expert Advisor, allowing you to distinguish its trades from those of other EAs in your account. It helps prevent interference between multiple trading strategies running concurrently.
Max Spread This input specifies the maximum allowable spread in pips at which the EA can execute trades. If the actual market spread exceeds this value, the EA will not place new orders, helping to ensure that trades are executed under favorable conditions.
Lot Exponent Lot Exponent is a multiplier that determines the lot size for the next order in the recovery grid. It allows you to control the increase in lot size as additional orders are placed, helping to manage risk and exposure as the grid expands.
Initial Lots This input defines the lot size for the first trade initiated by the EA. It sets the starting point for the grid of trades and can be adjusted based on your risk tolerance and trading strategy.
Stop Loss Stop Loss is the price level, specified in pips, at which the EA will automatically close a losing trade to limit potential losses. It acts as a safety net to protect your capital from excessive drawdown.
Take Profit Take Profit is the price level, also in pips, at which the EA will automatically close a winning trade to lock in profits. It allows you to set a predefined target for your trades to capture gains.
Distance Distance represents the spacing between orders in the grid, measured in pips. It determines how close or far apart each order in the grid will be placed, affecting the overall trading strategy's dynamics.
Max Level Max Level specifies the maximum number of levels or tiers in the grid. It controls how many additional orders the EA can open as price movements trigger new trades. Be cautious not to set this too high, as it can increase exposure and risk.
Slippage Slippage refers to the maximum allowable difference between the requested price and the executed price of a trade. It accounts for potential price fluctuations during order execution.
Order Comments Order Comments provide a way to label the orders generated by the "Classic Grid" EA. This can be helpful for tracking and distinguishing these orders in your trading history, especially if you use multiple EAs or strategies simultaneously.
Zhang Yang

• 10/7/2023


Emma Joubert

• 8/28/2023

Is there a way to integrate news sentiment analysis to avoid trading during major news events that can cause significant price spikes?

Yang Zhang

• 6/23/2023


Lina Braun

• 6/1/2023

Erwägen Sie die Hinzufügung einer Funktion, um Rasterparameter automatisch an die Marktvolatilität anzupassen, womit möglicherweise die Anpassungsfähigkeit verbessert wird.

Muhammad bin Hassan

• 5/20/2023

I would be great to have a feature that calculates lot sizes based on a percentage of account balance or equity, providing more flexibility in risk management. Translation (en-MY): Baguslah jika terdapat ciri yang mengira saiz lot berdasarkan peratus baki akaun atau ekuiti, memberikan lebih banyak fleksibiliti dalam pengurusan risiko.

Ji-yoon Lee

• 5/12/2023

EA에서 의사 결정을 강화하기 위해 기계 학습 또는 인공지능 알고리즘을 통합할 계획이 있나요?

Hugo Lefevre

• 3/4/2023

Une interface utilisateur graphique (GUI) pour une configuration et une mise en place plus faciles serait un ajout bienvenu pour les traders moins expérimentés.

Lea Dubois

• 2/25/2023

Ce serait utile de mettre en place un système de notification par email ou SMS pour les événements importants tels que l'ouverture et la fermeture des échanges, ainsi que les alertes de marge.

Naina Bhatia

• 2/11/2023

Can you add a feature that allows users to set specific trading hours to avoid trading during low liquidity times?

Sofia Weber

• 12/21/2022

Es wäre von Vorteil, einen Risiko-Rendite-Rechner einzufügen, der Benutzern hilft, potenzielle Ergebnisse basierend auf ihren gewählten Einstellungen zu visualisieren.

Wang Jing

• 9/12/2022


William Davis

• 7/21/2022

Implementing a money management feature that adjusts lot sizes based on the user's specified risk percentage would be valuable.

Grace Wong

• 3/31/2022


Ekaterina Popova

• 12/24/2021

Было бы полезно иметь торговый журнал или лог внутри Экспертного советника (АС), чтобы помочь пользователям отслеживать и анализировать свою торговую историю.

Ben Fischer

• 11/26/2021

Könnten Sie eine Funktion zum Trailing Stop implementieren, um die Gewinne zu maximieren, während sich der Markt zu unseren Gunsten bewegt?

William Brown

• 11/9/2021

Consider adding an option to set a maximum drawdown limit to ensure that the EA doesn't exhaust too much of the account's equity.

Hana Yamamoto

• 9/24/2021


Ivan Petrov

• 7/1/2020

Есть ли планы сделать «Classic Grid» совместимым с дополнительными торговыми платформами, помимо текущих?

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