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"Alt Grid" is a sophisticated Expert Advisor (EA) that revolutionizes grid trading in the world of forex and financial markets. Unlike conventional grid EAs, "Alt Grid" combines advanced price action analysis with unique exit strategies to provide traders with a safer and more flexible approach to grid trading.

One of the standout features of "Alt Grid" is its adaptability to market conditions. The EA intelligently determines whether to execute BUY or SELL orders based on real-time price action analysis. This dynamic approach ensures that it can capture profit opportunities in both bullish and bearish market trends, making it versatile and effective.

One key aspect that sets "Alt Grid" apart from other grid EAs is its risk management. Unlike some grid EAs that employ dangerous progressive lot sizing, "Alt Grid" prioritizes capital protection. Traders can set take profit levels for every N alternative order, allowing for precise profit-taking at desired intervals. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize the lot sizes for each N order, enabling them to fine-tune their risk exposure according to their risk tolerance and trading strategy.

Another standout feature of "Alt Grid" is its alternative exit strategies. This unique approach enhances the EA's ability to adapt to market conditions. Traders can employ alternative exit methods to maximize profits or mitigate losses in a way that aligns with their trading preferences and objectives.

Despite the inherent risks associated with grid trading, "Alt Grid" boasts an average drawdown and an impressive profit factor. This signifies that the EA effectively balances risk and reward, making it a valuable tool for traders seeking consistent returns in the forex and financial markets. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer, "Alt Grid" provides a compelling solution for grid trading with a focus on safety and profitability.
Magic Number This input is used to assign a unique identifier (Magic Number) to the trades executed by the "Alt Grid" Expert Advisor. It helps distinguish the EA's trades from others if multiple EAs are running on the same trading account, ensuring that each EA manages its own trades independently.
Initial Lots This parameter allows you to specify the initial trading lot size when the EA starts trading. It determines the size of the first order placed by the EA before any alternative lot sizing is applied. It's important to set this value according to your risk tolerance and account size.
Every N With Alternative Lots This input controls the frequency at which the EA adjusts its lot size. For example, if set to 3, the EA will change to the alternative lot size (specified by AltLots) every third trade it places. This feature allows you to customize and diversify your lot sizes over a series of trades.
Alternative Lots This parameter defines the lot size to be used when the EA switches to an alternative lot size based on the frequency specified by EveryNWithAltLots. It allows you to fine-tune the lot size for specific trades, potentially optimizing your risk management strategy.
Alternative Close Take Profit When a BUY or SELL trade reaches a profit level equal to or exceeding the value specified in TakeDollars, the EA will consider an alternative close. This input helps you set a threshold for taking profits on individual trades, offering a more flexible exit strategy.
Every N With Alternative Take Profit This parameter controls how often the EA applies the alternative take profit setting. For instance, if set to 2, the EA will use the alternative take profit value (specified by AltTakeProfit) every second trade it places, allowing you to customize profit-taking strategies.
Alternative Take Profit This input defines the take profit level in points that the EA will use when it triggers an alternative close. It allows you to set specific profit targets for trades using an alternative exit strategy.
Slippage Slippage refers to the maximum allowable deviation in pips between the requested price and the executed price of a trade. This parameter sets the acceptable slippage level for the EA when placing orders, helping to manage trade execution in fast-moving markets.
Order Comments This field allows you to add custom comments to the orders placed by the EA. It can be useful for keeping track of trades and distinguishing them, especially if you have multiple EAs running simultaneously on your trading account. The comment "BlogFxPro Alt Grid" is provided as an example but can be customized to your preferences.
Julia Fischer

• 9/3/2023

Erkunden Sie die Möglichkeit, maschinelles Lernen in Algorithmen zu integrieren, um eine präzisere Analyse des Preisverhaltens und bessere Entscheidungsfindung für den Handel zu erreichen.

Arjun Patel

• 8/31/2023

Explore the integration of sentiment analysis tools to gauge market sentiment and inform trading decisions.

Ava Belanger

• 8/18/2023

Implement a function to suggest optimal settings based on a user's risk tolerance and trading goals.

Zhang Yang

• 8/8/2023

改进 EA 的资金管理设置,根据交易信心水平来实现风险分配的可变性。

Davi Souza

• 7/10/2023

Fornecer aos usuários recursos educacionais e documentação para ajudá-los a entender melhor as estratégias e configurações da EA.

Ruby Clark

• 7/5/2023

Consider adding a feature to automatically adjust lot sizes based on market volatility. This could enhance risk management and adaptability.

Ruby Clark

• 6/23/2023

Enhance the EA's compatibility with different trading platforms and brokers to accommodate a broader user base.

Charlotte Gagnon

• 6/7/2023

Include a feature that allows users to export trade data for in-depth analysis and reporting.

Timo Muller

• 5/19/2023

Berücksichtigen Sie eine Funktion, die es Benutzern ermöglicht, die Häufigkeit von Anpassungen der alternativen Losgröße und Gewinnmitnahme anzupassen.

Amelia Thompson

• 4/11/2023

Explore the addition of a virtual trading mode, allowing users to simulate the EA's performance without risking real capital.

Zhou Li

• 3/26/2023


Liu Xin

• 3/12/2023


Matthew Van Niekerk

• 2/5/2023

Introduce a feature to automatically adjust grid size based on prevailing market conditions.

William Brown

• 2/4/2023

Enable the EA to automatically adjust take profit and stop loss levels based on market conditions, optimizing profit potential.

Paul Schafer

• 1/18/2023

Erwägen Sie das Hinzufügen einer Funktion, die es Benutzern ermöglicht, spezifische Handelszeiten festzulegen, um sie mit ihren bevorzugten Marktsitzungen abzustimmen.

Manuela Rodrigues

• 1/15/2023

Melhore a documentação com exemplos detalhados e estudos de caso para auxiliar os usuários a otimizarem suas configurações de EA.

Dmitry Volkov

• 12/31/2022

Рассмотрите возможность добавления функции, позволяющей пользователям настраивать интервал сетки и уровни для более точного размещения сделок.

Amelia Thompson

• 10/18/2022

Develop a mobile app version of "Alt Grid" to facilitate on-the-go trading and monitoring.

Anika Verma

• 10/5/2022

Incorporate a function to calculate and display key performance metrics, such as the Sharpe ratio and maximum drawdown.

Harper Evans

• 9/5/2022

Implement a news feed integration to keep users informed of market events that may impact their trades.

Hyun-woo Jung

• 3/28/2022

리스크 평가 도구를 개발하여 사용자가 위험 노출에 대한 통찰력을 제공하고 적절한 설정을 제안합니다.

Yuuto Watanabe

• 1/13/2022

「Alt Grid」ユーザーが体験や戦略を共有できるコミュニティフォーラムやユーザーサポートポータルを統合してください。

Camille Petit

• 12/1/2021

Implémentez une fonction pour fournir aux utilisateurs une analyse détaillée des échanges, y compris les points d'entrée et de sortie, afin d'améliorer la transparence et les opportunités d'apprentissage.

Ryan Ng

• 11/1/2021


Luca Muller

• 7/25/2021

Erwägen Sie, eine benutzerfreundliche graphische Benutzeroberfläche einzuschließen, um die Konfiguration und Überwachung der Leistung des EA einfacher zu gestalten.

Farah Liyana binti Abdul Razak

• 6/26/2021

Tambahkan sistem pemberitahuan untuk memberi tahu pengguna tentang acara penting, seperti saat EA beralih antara perintah MEMBELI dan MENJUAL atau mengaktifkan strategi keluar alternatif.

Olivia Brown

• 4/11/2021

Incorporate a function to analyze and display historical drawdown data to help traders make informed risk management decisions.

Ivan Petrov

• 5/19/2020

Внедрите функцию, которая позволяет пользователям настраивать альтернативные стратегии выхода на основе технических индикаторов, обеспечивая более точное управление торговлей.

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