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With its advanced algorithms and innovative approach, Scalp Harmonic X has quickly gained a reputation as a powerful tool for traders aiming to capitalize on short-term price movements. This expert advisor focuses on precision and efficiency, using a combination of strategic order placement and intelligent trailing strategies to enhance your trading outcomes.

At the core of Scalp Harmonic X's strategy lies its unique utilization of BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders. These orders are triggered when the market exhibits a candle with a substantial shadow, a user-defined parameter that allows for flexibility and adaptability to changing market conditions. This approach aims to catch price reversals at optimal points, ensuring that you enter and exit trades with precision. By capitalizing on these swift movements, Scalp Harmonic X minimizes the time your capital is exposed to the market, reducing risk and enhancing the potential for profit.

One of the standout features of Scalp Harmonic X is its intelligent trailing strategy. After executing a trade, the expert advisor employs a dynamic trailing stop mechanism that adapts to the market's volatility. This means that as the price moves in your favor, the trailing stop adjusts accordingly, securing profits while giving your trades room to breathe. This systematic approach not only safeguards your gains but also mitigates potential losses, providing a comprehensive risk management system that aligns with your trading objectives.

Furthermore, Scalp Harmonic X offers a high degree of customization to suit your trading preferences. You have the ability to determine the lot size for each trade relative to your account balance. This feature ensures that your risk exposure is tailored to your risk tolerance and capital allocation strategy, providing you with granular control over your trading approach.

In terms of performance metrics, Scalp Harmonic X boasts an impressive track record. With a minimal drawdown and an enviable profit factor, this expert advisor showcases its ability to generate consistent profits while maintaining a disciplined approach to risk. The meticulously designed strategy, coupled with its adaptive features and customization options, positions Scalp Harmonic X as a standout choice for traders seeking a scalping solution that combines innovation and reliability. Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting, Scalp Harmonic X has the potential to enhance your trading journey and optimize your results in the dynamic world of forex scalping.
MagicNumber This is a unique identification number assigned to trades placed by the Scalp Harmonic X expert advisor. Using a distinctive magic number helps you distinguish trades made by this EA from those made by other EAs or manual trading, aiding in trade tracking and management.
MaxSpread The maximum allowable difference between the bid and ask prices at which the EA is willing to execute trades. If the actual spread exceeds this value, the EA will refrain from placing trades, ensuring that you enter trades under favorable market conditions.
ShadowHeightThreshold This parameter refers to the minimum height, in points, of the shadow (wick) of a candlestick that the EA will consider for trading. When the shadow height of a candle surpasses this threshold, the EA will initiate BUYSTOP and SELLSTOP orders to take advantage of potential price reversals.
StopLoss The stop loss value, measured in points, determines the maximum distance from the entry point where the EA will allow a trade to move before closing it to limit potential losses. Setting an appropriate stop loss helps manage risk by defining the point at which a trade is automatically exited.
LotsPer1k This parameter specifies the lot size for each trade based on your account balance. For every $1000 of your account balance, the EA will trade with the defined lot size. This feature provides control over the position sizing relative to your account equity.
Slippage Slippage refers to the acceptable difference between the expected price of a trade and the actual executed price. A value of 3 here means that the EA allows for a maximum of 3 points of slippage when executing trades, helping to ensure that trades are executed as close to the desired price as possible.
OrderComments This field allows you to attach comments to the orders placed by the EA. It can be used for various purposes, such as providing additional context or noting the origin of the trade, making it easier to track and manage your trades.
Mia Bergeron

• 10/9/2023

Impressed by the low drawdown. Can we expect news filtering?

Olga Vorobeva

• 10/4/2023

Хорошее соотношение риска к вознаграждению. Можем ли мы настроить допустимое скольжение?

Manuela Rodrigues

• 9/20/2023

Potencial promissor. Algum plano para um calculador de riscos?

Hannah Becker

• 9/15/2023

Gute Gesamtleistung. Können wir Kompatibilität mit MT5 erwarten?

Mia Bergeron

• 9/15/2023

Impressed by profit consistency. How about integrating a trade journal?

Min-seo Kim

• 8/5/2023

우수한 결과입니다. 시각적 백테스트 도구에 대한 계획이 있나요?

Clara Rousseau

• 7/10/2023

Assez satisfait des résultats. Avez-vous des plans pour une application mobile ?

Emma Johnson

• 5/20/2023

Adaptive features are impressive. Consider adding a chat support feature.

Olga Vorobeva

• 1/26/2023

Высокий коэффициент прибыли, низкий риск. Есть ли планы по расширению на другие рынки?

Gabriel Keller

• 1/23/2023

Beeindruckendes Risikomanagement mit guten Renditen. Können wir die Losgrößen anpassen?

Ji-hyeon Park

• 12/2/2022

인상적인 손실 관리입니다. 추가로 비디오 튜토리얼이 나올 예정인가요?

Jason Lam

• 11/24/2022


Bandar Al-Otaibi

• 11/11/2022

أحببت أحجام الأراضي المخصصة. هل يمكننا الحصول على مزيد من تفاصيل تاريخ التداول؟

Adam bin Abdullah

• 10/13/2022

Keputusan mencapai jangkaan. Ada rancangan untuk penapis berita ekonomi?

Sakura Suzuki

• 8/1/2022


Gabriel Silva

• 7/22/2022

Estratégia de rastreamento efetiva. Que tal uma visualização do histórico de negociações?

Muhammad bin Hassan

• 6/26/2022

Pulangan Pelaburan yang cemerlang. Adakah terdapat rancangan untuk ciri jam perdagangan automatik?

Alexander Smirnov

• 6/24/2022

Отлично для быстрых сделок. Есть ли планы по интеграции экономических новостей?

Lucas Leroy

• 5/23/2022

Performances globalement correctes. Des plages horaires supplémentaires sont-elles prévues ?

Chloe Wong

• 5/19/2022

對於高度波動性的情況非常有效。 計劃推出更多的默認策略嗎?

Anna Kuznetsova

• 5/8/2022

Исключительная работа ассистента, стабильная прибыль и минимальные потери.

James Smith

• 4/24/2022

Effective on quick trades. Any plans for integrating economic news data?

Charlotte Clark

• 11/10/2021

Effective trailing strategy. Are there plans to integrate economic calendars?

Ekaterina Popova

• 9/12/2021

Впечатляющие критерии для вступления. Есть ли планы по интеграции с другими платформами?

Matteo Schmid

• 9/4/2021

Die Ergebnisse sind zufriedenstellend. Wie wäre es mit der Implementierung eines Trailing Stops?

Khalid Al-Mutairi

• 6/18/2021

أداء متين. هل يمكننا توقع خيار لساعات التداول المؤتمتة؟

Justin Cheung

• 6/17/2021


Olivia Lavoie

• 4/28/2021

Solid performance for scalping. Consider adding email alerts.

Min-jun Kim

• 3/17/2021

지속적으로 좋은 결과를 얻고 있습니다. 더 많은 사전 설정된 템플릿을 추가할 수 있을까요?

Ryan Chan

• 1/18/2021


Noah Smith

• 12/19/2020

Notable profit factor. Can we get more default strategy templates?

Amelia Thompson

• 11/14/2020

Excellent risk control. Can we have more comprehensive user guides?

Chloe Wong

• 7/8/2020


William Brown

• 5/20/2020

User-friendly interface. Consider adding integration with economic calendars.

Li Wei

• 1/7/2020


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