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"Grid Pro Sculptor" is a versatile and highly efficient Expert Advisor (EA) designed for traders seeking a robust grid trading strategy. With its sophisticated algorithms and customizable settings, this EA empowers traders to make informed decisions by intelligently managing their grid-based BUY and SELL orders based on the Stochastic indicator. One of the standout features of this EA is its flexibility, allowing users to choose which side to trade, whether it's UP, DOWN, or both, providing traders with the freedom to align their trading strategy with market conditions and personal preferences.

This EA goes beyond just placing grid orders; it offers multiple advanced strategies to close positions profitably. Users can opt for Take Profit, which ensures that winning positions are closed at predefined profit levels. Additionally, the Trailing Stop feature helps traders lock in profits as the market moves in their favor, providing a dynamic approach to protect gains. For those who prefer a hands-off approach, "Grid Pro Sculptor" also offers the option to automatically close all positions when a predetermined profit target is reached, simplifying the trading process.

One of the most compelling aspects of "Grid Pro Sculptor" is its track record of maintaining a below-average drawdown while still achieving a commendable profit factor. This combination of risk management and profitability is a testament to the EA's ability to navigate volatile markets with finesse. Traders can trust that their capital is managed prudently, while still having the potential to capitalize on favorable market movements.

In summary, "Grid Pro Sculptor" stands out as a reliable and adaptable EA for grid trading enthusiasts. Its ability to adapt to market conditions, combined with a range of intelligent closing strategies, positions it as a valuable tool for traders looking to optimize their grid trading strategies. With its below-average drawdown and commendable profit factor, this EA offers a compelling solution for both novice and experienced traders seeking consistent results in the ever-changing world of forex trading.
Magic Number The Magic Number is a unique identifier assigned to orders placed by the EA. It helps distinguish orders generated by "Grid Pro Sculptor" from those of other EAs or manual trades. This is crucial for tracking and managing your positions effectively.
Max Spread This parameter sets the maximum allowable spread at which the EA will enter trades. If the actual spread exceeds this value, the EA will refrain from opening new positions. Controlling the spread is essential to ensure that your orders are executed under favorable conditions.
Trade UP Trend When enabled (true), this option allows the EA to trade in the direction of an upward trend. If you prefer to avoid trading in bullish trends, you can disable this option by setting it to false.
Trade DOWN Trend Similar to the previous parameter, this one controls whether the EA should engage in trading during downtrends. Enabling (true) this option allows the EA to open positions when markets are bearish, while setting it to false restricts trading during such conditions.
Stochastic K Period The Stochastic K Period is the number of periods used in calculating the fast-moving line of the Stochastic oscillator. A shorter period may result in more responsive signals, while a longer one may smooth out fluctuations.
Stochastic D Period The Stochastic D Period determines the number of periods used to calculate the slow-moving line of the Stochastic oscillator. It helps filter out noise and provides a more reliable trend-following signal.
Stochastic Slowing This parameter adjusts the slowing factor for the Stochastic oscillator. A higher value smoothens the Stochastic lines, making them less sensitive to short-term price fluctuations.
Stochastic Upper Level The Stochastic Upper Level sets the threshold above which the Stochastic oscillator is considered overbought. When the Stochastic value crosses this level from below, it can trigger sell (SELL) signals.
Stochastic Lower Level Conversely, the Stochastic Lower Level establishes the threshold below which the Stochastic oscillator is deemed oversold. When the Stochastic value crosses this level from above, it can trigger buy (BUY) signals.
Initial Lots This input determines the size of the initial trading position, expressed in lots. It's the starting point for position sizing when the EA begins trading.
GridStepPips The GridStepPips input defines the fixed distance, in pips, between each grid level. Grid levels are the price levels at which the EA places pending orders. For example, if set to 20 pips, the EA will place pending orders at intervals of 20 pips apart.
GridMaxStepsCount This input limits the maximum number of grid levels that can be established by the EA. Once the maximum number of grid levels is reached, the EA will not create any more pending orders. It helps control the depth of the grid and manage risk.
LotsMultiplier The LotsMultiplier parameter determines the factor by which the lot size of each subsequent grid level will increase. For instance, if set to 1.7, each new grid level will have a lot size 1.7 times larger than the previous one. This allows for the potential to accumulate larger positions as the grid expands.
TakeProfitPips TakeProfitPips sets the profit target, in pips, at which the EA will close individual grid-level positions. When the price reaches this level, the EA will lock in profits by closing the position at the specified profit.
ProfitTargetToCloseAll This parameter sets a cumulative profit target, in pips, for all open grid-level positions. When the total profit across all positions reaches this threshold, the EA will automatically close all open positions, helping traders secure profits.
TrailingStartPips When TrailingStartPips is greater than zero, it activates a trailing stop mechanism. The EA will start trailing positions when they are in profit by the specified number of pips. It allows traders to capture additional profits as the market moves in their favor.
TrailingStopPips This parameter determines the distance in pips between the current price and the trailing stop level. When activated, the trailing stop will follow the price by this specified distance, helping protect and maximize profits for open positions.
Slippage Slippage refers to the acceptable deviation in pips between the requested price of a trade and the actual executed price. It accounts for price fluctuations during order execution. A lower slippage setting may lead to more precise trade entries but could result in more rejected orders in volatile markets.
OrderComments OrderComments allows traders to add a custom comment to the orders placed by the EA. This can be helpful for tracking and identifying orders associated with "Grid Pro Sculptor" among other trades in your trading account.
Zhou Li

• 9/17/2023


Ji-hyeon Park

• 8/21/2023

경제일정과 통합 제공으로 미래의 경제 행사를 추적할 수 있게 함으로써 거래자들이 변동이 심한 시기를 피할 수 있습니다.

Bandar Al-Otaibi

• 8/18/2023

إضافة خيار لأخذ جزء من الأرباح في مستويات محددة مسبقًا داخل الشبكة يمكن أن يسمح بإدارة الأرباح بشكل أكثر ديناميكية.

Aina binti Ibrahim

• 8/4/2023

Adakah ada rancangan untuk menyediakan manual pengguna yang komprehensif dengan penjelasan terperinci bagi setiap parameter dan strategi?

Ava Du Plessis

• 7/28/2023

Integrating a social trading feature that allows users to share and follow successful grid trading strategies could enhance community engagement.

Emma Joubert

• 7/14/2023

Adding more pre-defined grid strategies for different market conditions would be beneficial. For example, a volatility-adjusted grid or a trend-following grid.

Charlotte Wilson

• 7/11/2023

Implementing a notification system that alerts users to significant market events or trade execution status on their mobile devices would be valuable.

Matthew Thompson

• 7/2/2023

It would be beneficial to have a feature that allows users to simulate different market scenarios to assess the potential outcomes of their chosen grid settings.

Saanvi Mehta

• 5/29/2023

Could you consider incorporating a news feed feature that allows traders to stay updated on market events that could impact their grid trading strategy?

Riku Kobayashi

• 5/9/2023


William Davis

• 4/21/2023

It would be useful to have a historical performance tracker that records and displays past trade results for analysis.

Mia Bergeron

• 3/21/2023

Implementing a backtesting feature within the EA would enable traders to assess the historical performance of their chosen settings.

Hiroshi Ito

• 12/17/2022


Madison Wilson

• 12/1/2022

Is there a plan to collaborate with trading experts or conduct user surveys to gather feedback for future improvements?

Mia Thompson

• 7/25/2022

Consider incorporating an AI-based system that continuously adapts grid parameters based on changing market conditions.

William Davis

• 3/10/2022

Is there a plan to offer multi-language support to cater to a more diverse user base?

Sakura Suzuki

• 9/11/2021


Aanya Sharma

• 7/23/2021

It would be great to have a visual interface for strategy customization, making it more user-friendly for traders with varying levels of technical expertise.

Ethan Lim

• 4/14/2021

在 zh-SG 中将以下 en-us 文本翻译为:希望有一个选项来设置特定的交易时间或会话,与不同市场的开市时间保持一致,将会非常有帮助。

Mohammed Ali

• 8/4/2020

هل يمكنك إضافة التوافق مع المزيد من منصات التداول لتوسيع إمكانية الوصول إلى "Grid Pro Sculptor"؟

Oliver Smith

• 2/6/2020

Is there a plan to optimize resource usage? Some users have reported high CPU and memory usage during EA operation.

Oliver Smith

• 11/12/2019

Are there plans to offer more educational resources, such as video tutorials or webinars, to help users better understand grid trading concepts?

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