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Classic Grid Pro is a powerful and versatile Expert Advisor (EA) designed to revolutionize your grid trading strategies. This innovative trading tool is engineered to capitalize on market price movements, effortlessly adapting to both bullish and bearish trends with precision and agility. Whether you're a novice trader looking to automate your trading activities or a seasoned pro seeking a reliable trading companion, Classic Grid Pro is your solution.

One of the standout features of Classic Grid Pro is its flexibility in allowing users to customize their trading approach. With the ability to independently set the maximum number of BUY and SELL orders, you have full control over your trading strategy. This flexibility empowers you to fine-tune your trading tactics to suit your risk tolerance and market conditions, ensuring that you make informed decisions.

To enhance your trading experience further, Classic Grid Pro offers an extensive array of exit strategies. You can implement stop loss and take profit orders to safeguard your capital, trailing stops to secure profits as the market moves in your favor, and even utilize average profit and profit target settings to optimize your trading outcomes. With these comprehensive exit strategies at your disposal, you can confidently navigate the dynamic forex markets.

Classic Grid Pro is designed to help you manage risk effectively, making it a standout performer in the world of grid trading. While pursuing profits, this EA maintains an average drawdown level, ensuring that your trading remains within your predefined risk parameters. Moreover, it boasts an impressive profit factor, providing a strong indication of its ability to generate consistent and sustainable returns over time.

For traders who value timing and market conditions, Classic Grid Pro also offers the flexibility to set trading hours. This feature allows you to avoid high volatility periods driven by news events, reducing the likelihood of adverse market movements affecting your trades. With Classic Grid Pro's adaptability and thoughtful features, you can embark on your grid trading journey with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable and profitable companion by your side.
Magic Number The Magic Number is a unique identifier assigned to each trade executed by the EA. It allows you to distinguish between trades placed by Classic Grid Pro and other EAs or manual trades, helping you track and manage them separately.
Max Buy Orders This parameter lets you specify the maximum number of BUY orders that Classic Grid Pro can open at any given time. Setting it to 0 means there are no restrictions on the number of BUY orders that can be opened.
Max Sell Orders Similar to Max Buy Orders, this input allows you to define the maximum number of SELL orders that Classic Grid Pro can initiate concurrently. Setting it to 0 means there are no limitations on the number of SELL orders.
Lot Lot represents the initial trading size or volume of each order placed by the EA. For example, if you set Lot to 0.01, each trade will begin with a trading size of 0.01 standard lots.
Lot Exponent Lot Exponent determines how the trading lot size changes for subsequent orders. A value of 1 means a fixed lot size, while values greater than 1 will progressively increase the lot size with each new order.
Take Profit Pips Take Profit Pips is the target profit level, in pips, at which Classic Grid Pro will automatically close a trade to secure gains.
Stop Loss Pips Stop Loss Pips sets the level, in pips, at which a trade will be closed to limit potential losses. Setting it to 0 means that there is no predefined stop loss.
Close Order At Profit This parameter allows you to specify a profit level, in currency units, at which a trade will be closed. It is only triggered when a positive profit is achieved, and it's ignored when set to 0.
Trailing Stop Trailing Stop enables a dynamic stop loss that follows the market price as it moves in a favorable direction. The value represents the trailing distance in pips from the highest profit point.
Trailing Step Trailing Step determines how frequently the trailing stop is adjusted in pips. It is ignored when set to 0.
Average Profit Pips This input lets you specify a target profit level, in pips, at which Classic Grid Pro will close a trade to secure an average profit. It's ignored when set to 0.
Grid Step Grid Step represents the price difference between each grid level, measured in pips. It defines the spacing between each new order in the grid.
Use Time Filter When enabled, this feature allows you to restrict trading to specific hours of the day, helping you avoid high volatility periods often associated with news releases and market opening/closing times.
Start Hour Start Hour specifies the beginning of the time window during which trading is permitted.
End Hour End Hour denotes the end of the time window during which trading is allowed.
Slippage Slippage is the acceptable deviation in pips between the requested and executed price for a trade. It helps manage order execution in fast-moving markets.
Order Comments Order Comments provide a customizable label or identifier for the orders placed by Classic Grid Pro. This can be useful for tracking and distinguishing trades when reviewing your trading history or logs.
Mia Bergeron

• 10/9/2023

Consider offering a mobile app version of the EA for on-the-go trading and monitoring.

Marcus Yip

• 10/9/2023


Caleb Lim

• 8/2/2023


Sara binti Mahmud

• 6/28/2023

Mungkin berbaloi mempertimbangkan fungsi yang membolehkan pengguna mengeksport data sejarah perdagangan untuk analisis lanjutan di luar platform.

Yulia Orlova

• 6/21/2023

Вы рассматривали возможность добавления функции, позволяющей пользователям установить конкретный день недели в качестве выходного дня для избегания разрывов в выходные?

Aisha Al-Mansouri

• 6/9/2023

تنفيذ واجهة رسومية سهلة الاستخدام لضبط المعلمات وتصور مستويات الشبكة ستعزز تجربة المستخدم بشكل كبير.

Ruby Clark

• 4/1/2023

Have you thought about providing more advanced statistical analytics for users to analyze their trading performance?

Dmitry Volkov

• 2/11/2023

Можете ли вы ввести функцию, которая позволяет пользователям устанавливать настраиваемые сессии торгов на основе их предпочтений?

Emilia Richter

• 1/14/2023

Das Hinzufügen eines Handelssimulator-Modus, der es Benutzern ermöglicht, mit virtuellen Geldern zu üben, wäre für Anfänger im Grid-Trading von Vorteil.

Sultan Salem

• 1/12/2023

هل استكشفت إمكانية دمج بيانات تحليل المشاعر لمساعدة المستخدمين في قياس الرأي العام واتخاذ قرارات تداول مطلعة؟

Mariam Al-Suwaidi

• 12/9/2022

سيكون لإدخال خيار إدارة المحافظ الذي يتيح للمستخدمين تداول أزواج العملات المتعددة بشكل متزامن قيمة كبيرة.

Emily Smith

• 11/20/2022

Have you thought about adding more preset templates for different trading styles, making it easier for users to get started?

Noah Johnson

• 11/4/2022

Have you considered offering a more extensive library of pre-defined exit strategies for users to choose from?

Mia Wagner

• 10/31/2022

Können Sie eine Funktion implementieren, um die Gitterebenen automatisch basierend auf der Marktvola­tilität anzupassen, um die Einstiegspunkte zu optimieren?

Gabriel Silva

• 10/28/2022

Seria valioso incluir uma função de backtesting que permita aos usuários avaliar o desempenho do EA em dados históricos.

Ava Du Plessis

• 9/16/2022

Adding a "demo mode" that simulates past market conditions for testing purposes would be a valuable addition.

Hannah Becker

• 8/14/2022

Können Sie detailliertere Dokumentationen oder Video-Tutorials zur Einrichtung und Konfiguration des EA für verschiedene Handelsszenarien bereitstellen?

Maxim Sokolov

• 7/21/2022

Предоставление интеграции с торговыми платформами или API сторонних производителей может быть полезным для опытных пользователей, стремящихся к использованию дополнительных инструментов и ресурсов для торговли.

Maxim Sokolov

• 6/18/2022

Внедрение функции визуализации исторических уровней сетки на графике помогло бы в анализе прошлых сделок.

Ethan Martin

• 3/18/2022

It might be helpful to include a risk management tool that calculates position sizes based on the user's desired risk percentage.

Lucas Pereira

• 3/1/2022

Que tal incorporar uma funcionalidade que ajuste automaticamente os tamanhos dos lotes com base no saldo da conta para gerenciar o risco de forma dinâmica?

Emma Schmidt

• 1/5/2022

Wie wäre es, eine Funktion zu integrieren, die die Rastergröße automatisch anhand des gehandelten Währungspaares anpasst und dabei deren typische Volatilität berücksichtigt?

Mariam Al-Suwaidi

• 12/18/2021

هل يمكنك توفير منتدى مجتمعي أو منصة للدردشة حيث يمكن للمستخدمين تبادل الاستراتيجيات والتجارب مع الوكالة الأوروبية للبيئة؟

Zhang Yang

• 12/2/2020


Emma Johnson

• 8/26/2020

Implementing an option to schedule regular updates and bug fixes would ensure users always have access to the latest improvements.

Wang Jing

• 8/4/2020


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